Think about 10 words to best describe yourself. From these 10 words, choose 5 of them that you find are closest or most relevant to you. From these 5 words, expand and provide an example on how you have shown your character fits into it. For example, if you are adventurous, you will dare to take on a new project that you are totally unfamiliar with. You might also decide to pick up a new skill or a new hobby that is out of this world.

If you need a reference guide, take a look at the chart for a better understanding.

Character traits


Here’s a good example on how a student describes herself and her experience all in one package. This is in relation to another topic SIZZLE WITH SOME INTERACTIVE MEDIA


Pick up a pencil and a paper, or even open up a notepad or Microsoft word and start working on your 10 words that best describe you. Alternatively, use this padlet board to share your 5 words to everyone. For all you know, someone might have exactly the same list as you.