In this section, you will be concentrating on building your goals and dorections you have in life. This will fit in closely to your main page as your profile, it will help define not only who you are, but also what you want to achieve in life. To help you achieve a better understanding, the use of SMART goals will be used. Use this picture to obtain a foundation of what SMART goals are, and put them to use in your profile, stating what you hope to achieve in your E -portfolio page. Also, you may want to use this video to find out more about SMART goals.


Putting smart goals into action means having things or goals that you have at the back of your head, knowing first hand what you want to achieve when you go out to the workforce. Examples of SMART Goals include:

“I want to know 15 more operational expenses in a retail industry within the next three months by interviewing 5 existing retail managers and researching 10 case studies on retail operations .”

“I bought a new management accounting software for my personal expenses and I want to understand 75% of the features within the next three months.”

“Within a month, I am going to get set up to sell personalised card designs on Etsy, which will allow me to benefit financially from my favorite hobby. Within six weeks, I will have an inventory of 30 seasonal card designs to sell and aim to sell a minimum of five cards per week, building customer relationships through Facebook,instagram referrals and other local networking. “


What will be the questions you need to ask yourself when you consider a SMART Goal. Take a look at the diagram below. There are clickable links on the image for you to explore the concepts even further. Simply mouseover them to find out more.