The purpose of reflection is to get you started on the learning that were meaningful to you. For a portfolio, the reflection doesn’t necessarily need to be long, a one page would be sufficient for a hiring manager to get a glimpse of your personality, beliefs and values.

Begin by watching this video to have an understanding on how you can write a reflection paper.

“We don’t learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.” John Dewey

To begin a reflection paper, follow these steps to create a “Belief and values” system in your page.

  1. look out for the main theme and what are you addressing. (E.g. is it about a person? Was it about a particular experience?) Consider a reflection that is critical, where theories and knowledge are carefully analysed and written down.
  2. Jot down 5 main points in your reflection paper that you want to address. (E.g. You had 5 valuable lessons that you want to share with everyone. ) Consider that the points are contextualised to the scenario and the setting that you are in, remember the points that you are trying to address as well.
  3. Find out some key learning points through examples (E.g. You learnt a lot about leadership from being a leader of your team in a field trip, you learnt about compromising and coming to a common consensus as a leader.)
  4. Write an introduction and provide a proper closure. Closure is to summarise your key learning points, introduction is to provide the context for everyone. Write your desired outcome in its intial stage, and what you have obtained at the end result. Did they match or where there gaps that provided you learning opportunities?

Laying the foundation (Based on Dr. Barbara Jacoby on Mentoring minutes)

Based on a video by Dr. Barbara Jacoby(Senior Scholar for the Adele H. Stamp Student Union), she shares her methods of critical reflections.

1. What informed the writing of your description?

2. Did you think about a nurse you know?

3. How did you draw on other courses, readings, or discussions? (i.e. What comes to your mind immediately?)

4. Did you think only within the nursing context or more broadly?

5. What attitudes, values, & assumptions are evident in your description?

6. Where did these attitudes & values come from?

Example of Reflection

An example of the portfolio page can be found under this section, it is a reflection paper of a student who worked in a health and fitness field, outlining her challenges and her learning points that she can bring to her workplace.

Reflection Exercise

Using the Padlet as shown below, reflect on the areas of your project or experiences that you wish to pen down.