If you are freelancing or wish to create a different impression out of your future employers, you might want to consider a brand new graphical resume from resources such as Canva. These solutions allow you to create graphical resumes that you can use to showcase when you send your resume to your potential employer.

Canva (Graphic creation online tool)


Choose from a range of templates that are available for your downloading pleasure, those that are free will have a “free” rectangular box beside it. This resume feature is found under the “Documents” section. There are several free objects to choose from and most importantly, creating an account is free for use. Create one graphical resume right now and host it on your desired platform.



To link you to the previous topics, recall several things that you will need in your E-Portfolio. The information that are required from you are important to show your skills, knowledge and the attitude that you possess. There are several elements that you must consider in your graphical resume. These include:

  • Your technical skills – What technical competency do you possess?What skills have you obtained from your last course or school?
  • Your Profile – It’s about your PROFESSIONAL self, your image and your beliefs and values associated with it. Do not place anything informal or beliefs that might deter your potential employer away.
  • Your Education – What was your last school that you attended?Fill it in from the highest qualification level?
  • Your Experiences(If any) – Your work experiences that are related to what you want to be in future.