If you do not like to type too much reflections, another method of presenting would be using slideshare to demonstrate your understanding or reflection of a topic. You may choose between using powerpoint slides or a word document essay (around 3 pages at most) to share your reflection

Slideshare allows you to embed your slides or word documents into your e portfolio for use. It’s just a matter of copying the embed code,put it into your page and you are done!


Consider these information that you will require to put on your slideshare if you are intending to use it as a form of reflection.

  1. IMAGES: Use as many images as possible, bear in mind that these images should be relevant and supplement your reflection. Do not place images that are too striking and has no meaning to your reflection. (E.g. A reflection on a topic on financial report should not include images that are that scenic, a beach)
  2. SENTENCES: Use bullet points if possible, and make sure the bullet points are not too wordy to read. Keep it to a maximum of about 20-30 words per bullet point.
  3. REFERENCING: References should be included if a theory was included in your reflection. It shows your ability to understand a theory that might be complex. Include it at the end of the slide.
  4. INTRODUCTION: Introduction must be included to describe a background of your reflection and what is the message you are trying to bring across.
  5. CONCLUSION: Conclude and provide your opinions and views based on the analytic and experiences you have been through.

Here’s a sample of a slideshare that is related to a reflection on a topic of experiential learning.

In addition,I have also created a Portfolio sample to showcase my work experiences and what I have done.