If you are ever running out of ideas for your design concept, and the worst part is you do not not how to proceed on from here. These sites will help you create the perfect logos to represent your portfolio, so do try them out and have fun as always. Consider these aspects when designing a logo for yourself.

  1. What Represents you? – What is a single metaphor(or thing/item) that you feel closely associated to? Is it a plant or an animal?
  2. Complexity – Logos are meant to be kept simple, bear in mind that logos should not have more than  4 colours (unless it is integrated with the design well enough.) Follow the rule of thumb – KEEP IT SIMPLE SILLY (K.I.S.S)

To make things simpler, I have narrowed down to the 3 choices as shown below. Take a look at them and see which of it gives you the most inspiration.


academic development

Interestingly designed. Designmanic actually gives you a variety of options to choose from. So it becomes really idiot proof when it comes to designing. I would highly recommend using this. Have some fun designing the logo.


horse raider

Logo Gardens has an intuitive software for you to play with. the symbol effects are just as whacky. The fonts are great to experiment with and there are definitely modern look for you to aspect from.



I managed to create a logo within 5 minutes given the interactive instructions that was provided at the start of the program. Overall, it might be a little hard to use the program if you don’t have an inspiration.