There are many ways to demonstrate your experiences and life skills that you possess. One way is to create whacky videos or some infographics to demonstrate your learning in a light and fun way. I’ll be showing you 2 different tools you can consider when you are thinking of this option.


If you think slides can bring a message across well, how about going the extra mile to pop a video instead. Create some whacky animations and demonstrate your competency as a complete student. You will show not only your creativity skills, but also the ability to adapt to new technology and new tools. All you need to do is to prepare a 1 to 2 minutes video on a topic or a reflection, and you are all good to go.


If you are not feeling too ambitious about videos, how about an infographic to show some statistical charts, or to show your learning journey. Infographics tools such as piktochart are really easy to use, and most of all, they are free for use(with limitations) try creating one for yourself, it’s a lot more fun than you think it is.