About.me is a free resource that you can choose if you prefer a simplified version frontpage to advertise yourself. Some of the features that you can look forward to in about.me include:

  1. Links to your social media. (Twitter, facebook, instagram)
  2. A customised email signature
  3. 3 different clean templates to select from.
  4. Spotlight feature: this is for you to select an area where the user can click and navigate to.

To begin using about.me, do the following:

  1. Think of a platform you wish to display any your reflections, writings and photos. For example, you may choose to place your reflection writings on a site such as weebly, wordpress or even pathbrite.
  2. Set up your information following the step by step instructions on about.me. these information include your name, interest and many other stuff.
  3. Set up a catchy introduction to tell your audience about yourself.
  4. Select an artistic picture or a professional image. This image speaks a lot of volume, so do spend some time and effort on presenting yourself well. Follow this link on how you can make a professional image by yourself.  (courtesy of diyphotography)
  5. Set a spotlight for users to click to when they are in your page. For example, it can be a website you created or simply  “hire me”. Choose from the different options available.
    2016-03-15 19.35.07
  6. Optional: if you wish to include social media platforms, please be mindful of what you wish to share with your future employer.