WordPress is another website builder that many people are using to develop their own portfolio. ¬†Wordpress also has an App on iOS and Android to manage your personal portfolio. I still use wordpress pretty often as I’m familiar with it, but it has plugins and themes that make it expandable and you are able to create really beautiful sites using it. It has also recently updated and upgraded its interface in late december 2015.


There are two variations of wordpress,

  1. First Method: This method allows you to download the entire installer and host it separately on another service, This will require you to register a service such as from one.com and setup a wordpress server(Relatively easy process)
  2. Second Method: This method allows you to host your services and contents on wordpress.com. It is restricted by some of the plugins or themes that you wish to install, but everything else is mostly free with some exceptions. Register an account with wordpress.com if you wish to.

To get you started, here are some videos that you can consider watching to enhance your knowledge on building a website using wordpress.


wordpress themes allows you to beautify your webpage and make them stand out differently from others. These themes are either free or paid, depending on the ones you choose.


There’s a library of plugins that WordPress provides. All of them are developed by external parties with constant updates. Take note of those plugins that have a significant number of downloads. These plugins will enhance your site beautifully, some of the stuff that are in this site are dependent on plugins that are created by the community. if you want to enhance your site, start by having image galleries that slide automatically.


WordPress has two variations of presenting your information. It can come in the form of stagnant pages and post (sorted by date). Pages allow you to put stagnant information such as “About Me” and your front page. Post allows you to place information such your reflections and learning journeys. It largely depend on your preference on how you wish to use it. There are endless possibilities to what you want to place on your site. My recommendation for a typical WordPress page will be as follows:

  1. Pages – one front page to talk about yourself, your goals and objectives. It can also include a photo gallery of your most valued student exchange, your extra curicular activities and your design portfolios (if any)
  2. Post – these can include reflections, assignments along your course of work or school, your opinions on financial markets and economic situations( if any).