You need several items or things in your portfolio creation. You need to think of the things that you want to bring across to your potential employer and show them that you are the one. Here are some examples that you could consider on your portfolio during the assembly stage.


  • Reflections of your learning: These include the learning during your school days, what were the most critical portions that you felt can be brought to your new workplace and to impress your new employer. These can also include your past assignments that stood out the most.  (Simple ones can be found here OR here)
  • Artwork Gallery(For web and print designers):  I’m pretty sure you are well versed in this aspect. Keep a gallery of artwork that you want to show case to your potential employer, to let them know your style and what you are capable of doing. ( An example can be found here)
  • Your capstone project: Each university of college degree should include a capstone project where you can safely brag about the theories and knowledge you have obtained through the years in your degree. Take your research papers if you need to, or take a project that was really significant to you and show it to your employer.
  • Involvements/Contributions: Involvement could mean the places you traveled to do community work, it could also include your involvement in school clubs as well. For professionals, it will include your portfolio of what you have done for the organisations you worked for in your career path.  Name some of the most significant contributions you have made to date.